Sorry - the shop is closed since the 25th February 2007

We would like to say thank you to all our customers and their support over the past 10 years - it was a difficult decision to close the shop, but it was unfortunatly inevitable. You can find a part of our remainder of stock here: Trauma Shop

Dear customers and friends

Today, we have officially the task to inform you about the malign news: We will close the Trauma Undergroundfashion shop due to health reasons. To our greatest regret, we have not been able to find a successor until now. Hence, the doors of the Trauma-Fashionshop will probably closed by the end of the year for the last time.

IsIs it still summer? Or already autumn? We are ready for everything! There are new minidresses and long sleeveless/shortsleeved dresses for the ladies available, as well as some new, cute handbags!

Attention: this “news-“page is only updated on an irregular base! If you want to be sure that you don’t miss anything, subscribe to our newsletter!

We have again received a lot of new designs for the ladies - you will find a lot of new
tops and also corset-styled tops in the secondhand-departement!

Further we are very proud to announce that we have received new, wonderful, long/halflong/schort
dresses for you. But beware, you find this collection in Switzerland EXCLUSIVELY in our shop!

Please don't forget to take a look a our special summer opening hours before visiting the shop!

It doesn't matter if you ladies prefer the newest designs or secondhand savings - we have received a lot of the newest designs - long dresses, velvet tops ..... - but have also new secondhand stuff, as for skirts, tops.... we're sure there is something for everybody!

Springtime - the time of public holidays!
Please don't forget that the shop is closed on Monday, 24th April ("Sechseläuten") and also on Monday, the 01st May ("Tag der Arbeit")!

It's almost Eastern again! Please take note that the shop is opened as following:

Friday, 14th April - Good Friday - closed
Saturday, 15h April open normally from 12.00 pm to 16.00 pm
Monday, 16th April - Eastern - closed

And we too have some Easter presents for you: You will find the first long dresses in our Secondhand-Department... and there are also further shoes & boots available...!

Your desire was our command - we have again received some more coats (esp. fake leather)! Also, the lords will find new shirts & trousers, or you can enjoy our new real silver jewellery (for example Thorhammer - and Ankh pendants, finger armour...)!

Especially for the festive days, the ladies will find new long dresses in our secondhand-department!

Our opening hours during the public holidays:

Friday, 23. Dezember 14.00 - 20.00 Uhr
Saturday, 24. Dezember 12.00 - 16.00 Uhr
Monday, 26. Dezember geschlossen
Friday, 30. Dezember 14.00 - 20.00 Uhr
Saturday, 31. Dezember 12.00 - 16.00 Uhr
Monday, 02. Dezember closed 

The Lords won't probably be able to benefit from our huge secondhand range. Thats why we can now offer you new shirts, trousers and skirts!

We are freezing - you too? That's why we have organised new leather and fake leather coats!

Finally, new mens tops are available. Naturally, some new treasuries for the ladies are available too!

We are moving our office! In the next days, it may not be possible to reach us immediately. In urgent cases you may try to reach us by mobile: +41 79 62 889 63. The shop however is not effected by this and open as usual!

We have received new, romantic designs for the ladies - some of it even in the Gothic-Lolita-Style! We can also spoil you with more mini dresses and skirts, and with fresh accessories (Gloves, Bags...)! Further, you will find ingenious head dresses - these head dresses can also be worn as necklaces!

F(Not)Really for summer: New leather coats and as a true novelty also
leather trousers available!

Finally, we have received a huge range of corsets for the ladies!

Again, we have received so much new styles, that we don't really see the possibility to specify these. Don't forget: the WGT is coming nearer! But be careful: Monday afternoon, the 18th April, is a public holiday in Zurich - the shop will be closed then!

The spring is here: among other things, new cotton men's skirts have arrived!

It's time to look for the easter eggs! The shop is closed on Good Friday, the 25th March and on Easter Monday, the 28th March. To make up for that, on Saturday, the 26th March, we are there for you until 5 o'clock (instead of 4 o'clock!).

The winter is seemingly going on - that's why we have received a few warm winter coats again!

We have received new velvet treasuries in velvet for the ladies!

We originally wanted to spoil the ladies here with new corsets, head dresses and viktorian jewellery but we underestimated the demand! So therefore, there are only a few pieces left! However, you have now the possibility to complete your look with our new stockings!

We have received a new collection of studded leather gear for the bad boys!

Trauma-Undergroundfashion goes Basle! On Sunday, the 30th January 2005, from 12.00 pm to 22.00 pm, we will be at the Rock-& Metalconvention in the concert hall "Z7" in Pratteln near Basle!

Christmas Time - Time for presents! You still don't have any idea what to give to your beloved ones? How about the first wonderful text and picture book from the faboulous photographer Annie Bertram (Darkview.de)? Or find a present for yourself: again, we have received a lot of new styles for Him and Her!

And to match the mens trousers, we have now also received a large
new range of mens shirts!

New romantic, but also new hot designs are awaiting the ladies, and the gentleman will be pleased by seeing the new tops and the hugh range of trousers!

So pretty - again, we have received special velvet designs for the ladies!

We have received the first capes and coats for the winter!

We have received a lot of new accessories!

New corsets for the ladies have arrived! Further, we have received a
lot of cool styles (velvet, punk...) and sweet-sexy Minidresses for the
hot days! And: several glove styles have been reduced!

We have received in the meantime a lot of new velvet- and Cyberstyles for him and her! Further, we have planned some new stuff for the near future - you will be surprised! And don't miss the next Moonshadow- Party in Basle the 26h June 2004 - we will be there!

Naturally, new stuff is now also available for men : Trousers and tops! And even more is to come...!

New romantic velvet designs for the Ladies available!

Attention - the shop will be exceptionally closed on Monday, the 9th February 2004!

Warm fake fur-jackets have arrived! But: we are all waiting for spring
- thats why we offer a 10% discount on all miniskirts, shorts and

Super - new velvet designs for her have arrived!
Some updates on the "contact-page"

Alchemy-Fans, watch out! The newest & nicest new styles have just
arrived for you!

Some updates on the "Samples-page"

Attention: On Friday, the 17th october 2003 the Cult Medieval Night
will take place at the Palais X-tra. We will be there with a stall. Please
take note that the shop will be closed on Friday for this reason. But you
can be sure that we will be there for you on Saturday!

New velvet styles for the Ladys have arrived - also a few exklusive
pieces in white! And don't forget: Monday, the 15.09.2003 is a local
holiday (Knabenschiessen) in Zurich - it's not a good day for shopping, as
all the stores are closed!

Attention! It's almost time for our summer holidays! The shop will be
closed from Monday, 18th August until Friday, 29th August 2003! A visit
before our holidays is worth it!

It is not possible for you to travel to the WGT this year? Don't be
sad! Plan your shopping in our house on Saturday, and you will have a nice
surprise! Why? We are keeping this secret for the moment...

We are ready for the summer! A lot of new stuff has arrived: Huge range of
mens trousers; brand new tops, skirts, dresses and a lot more!

Pretty hand bags and cool wallets now available!

Dear Customers! Because of a concert the shop will be exceptionally
closed on Monday, the 14th April 2003. Sorry for that and thanks for your

New rings and armour rings have arrived!

Finally! New, exclusive rhinestone jewellery - also victorian styles -
has arrived!

The shop will be closed on Monday, the 1o th February 2003. We are in
London again, to get new hot summer-styles for you!

A lot more for the cold winter has arrived: Skirts for him & her, coats, long dresses for example…

For the cold winter: New velvet styles for her available at the shop!

Holidays are over - and a lot of new stuff has arrived! We have also opened a new section with samples, where you can have a look at some of our clothing styles!

Tons of new shirts for him have arrived! Attention: we are on holidays from Saturday, 31th August - Friday, the 13th September! On Saturday, the 14th, everything will be back to normal

Sales -Section added

New summer-styles for her & him have arrived, Also Updated the Shop-Pictures

Pic's from the shop updated

New jewellery from Alchemy has arrived! Mens skirts finally available!

We will be at the Gothic Party in Egerkingen on the 06th April

Please take note that the shop is closed on Monday, 11th
February 2002. We will be at the fair, to get the new summer styles for you

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