Q: I’m confused by the name: can it be that there is a CD-Shop with the same name?
A: No – not anymore. You can find the former Trauma-Musicstore under www.knochenhaus.ch. We had decided to share the same locations when we opened. To keep it easier for everyone, we agreed to use only one name, but the shops have always been two separate companies.

Q: I would like to get to more information about your range, before I come to Zurich in vain.
A: No problem! We are at disposition for all your questions and if you need any supplemental information. Just take a look at the “About Trauma”-Page – you have several possibilities to get the answers you desire!

Q: I would however prefer to order by catalogue.
A: Due to the sometimes very long delivery times of several suppliers, we do not think a catalogue service for manufacturers is suitable. Further, an own catalogue would lead to staple goods. We prefer to offer mostly single pieces to guarantee some exclusivity.

Q: And what, if the dress in the shop doesn’t fit?

A: No big deal! We offer a fit-on-service for our clothing at very low prices.

Q: Why can’t I order by phone and get the goods with an invoice?

A:This causes a lot of work, and would have to be taken in consideration in the price calculations – this means the prices would get higher. This fact does not agree with our price politics.

Q: Why don’t you offer online shopping?
A: Because of all our single goods our range changes daily, and we would not really like to sell the best designs in dozens… Further, we prefer to offer you the possibility of getting personal and detailed conseling, and this alternative can –of course- not be provided by mail order. But who knows what lies ahead…!

Q: Am I allowed to bring you the flyers of my concert?
A: Sure, with pleasure! We however have nothing in common with organisations or bands that sympathize with Nazis or have been engaged in graveyard violation for example. We will surely not help such organisations – save your time, you can dump your flyers directly in the litter bin!